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In the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street, there are thirteen kids that attended Badham Preschool that Freddy Krueger molested. The movie doesn't state whether or not he molested other children before he got the job at the preschool, during previous school-years, and/or outside of the attendees of the preschool during his employment at the school.

Only five are portrayed, not counting Marcus Yeon, who only made an appearance in videos on a blog. The others are Lisa Harper (4th kid, second row), Nancy Lumb (5th kid, second row), Sukari McGill (1st kid, second row), Elizabeth Cook (2nd kid, 2nd row), Craig Jackson (1st kid, third row), Bret Tanzer (2nd kid, third row), and Carrie Bush (6th kid, second row). Lisa Harper appeared in a picture on an article stating that she was a star athlete who died in her sleep. Bret Tanzer was in an article without a picture stating that he died in a car crash, most likely from staying up too long. The other five students are confirmed to be dead as their faces were crossed out, but it is unknown if they were killed in their sleep or not. Nancy was horrified to discover that they were already dead and was determined to kill Freddy once and for all.



Nancy And Quentin are the only two kids who survived the nightmare.