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This page contains the Timeline which displays all events that happened on Jesse's Lost Journal in chronological order. This includes events affecting characters found in Flashbacks and Flashforwards that have already come to pass.



Unknown, 1981

  • One day while Jesse Walsh was walking through the yard on Northgate High School, James Van Landingham yelled at him that if he could suck his dick in front of his friends, that was the straw that broke the camel's back because Jesse took a brick and hit him in the face and then the back of the head as he fell. on the floor. The first blow knocked out six teeth and broke his nose.
  • This situation cost Ken Walsh about $200,000 for a settlement and $30,000 to pay for the house on Elm Street, plus the fact that James's family put up a perimeter fence that prohibits Jesse from coming within 1000 feet of James. The Van Landingham family runs the town, the school and the company where Ken Walsh worked.


Unknown, 1982

  • The Walsh family moves into the Thompsons' old house on Elm Street. Jesse finds Nancy's diary and begins to write in it, that is where the first nightmares begin.
  • The next day is gym class where he ends up fighting with Ron Grady as a kind of game between them. Schneider punishes them and, after 200 push-ups, sends them to the showers where he spies on them while he touches his balls (there Jesse confirms that the teacher is not a good person but a pervert). Ron takes Jesse home and tells him about the events that have occurred in the house they currently live in.
  • The next night, Ron visits Jesse the same way Glen Lantz did with Nancy Thompson (climbing up to her window), they smoked joint and talked about life.
  • Two days later, during the night, Jesse dreams of Freddy Krueger again. He sees him turning on the furnace in the basement, then is teleported to the house where he has a fight with Freddy trying to lock him in the basement.
  • The next night, Jesse has nightmares again but this time he has three wounds that cannot be seen unless he is naked.
  • The next night, Ron Grady climbs back up to his window, they have a conversation about the house and are almost discovered by Jesse's parents. Morning comes and Jesse cleans her room with Lisa Webber, he left the diary in the closet on purpose for her so he can read it with her.
  • The following night, Jesse falls into a trance as he is momentarily possessed by Freddy. He arrives at Don's Place and enters the place, Schneider sees him and kidnaps him, puts him in his car and takes him to Springwood High School, where he demands that he run in the physical education room. He intended to rape him but Freddy kills him in the showers. Jesse returns home thanks to some firemen who manage to find him naked in the street.
  • The next morning the police are inside the school doing what is necessary to solve the Schneider homicide case. Everyone is excited about the party at Lisa's house.
  • Lisa and Jesse go to the abandoned oil factory where Freddy worked, looking for evidence but found nothing.
  • Ron Grady is killed by Freddy taking Jesse's body the night of Lisa's pool party. Jesse vows to fight him no matter what it takes because he took the love of his life away from him. Jesse returns to Lisa's house and Freddy repossesses and kills Mike and several other teenagers.


October 30, 1985

  • Jesse Walsh went to the theater to see the premiere of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. He walked out of there horrified once the movie was over, picked up some newspapers and the covers of the New York Times and People could see the arrival of the film in theaters and the impact it would cause. Jesse went to a beauty salon to change his image, he cut his hair and dyed it black, he also started wearing brown contact lenses, he felt that he should change his identity so as not to be recognized. At four Jesse would meet with Colin in Time Square so they could talk about his past, he felt he had to be honest with Colin (even if Colin thought he was a maniac). Then I would see Mark that same night.
  • A change of plans occurs and Jesse and Colin meet at Colin's studio for VOGUE, Colin tells Jesse that he should keep the outfit from the place to do a photo shoot so he can meet Mark Patton. The session ends and when leaving the cinema, Jesse sees Mark Patton and Robert Englund, Mark offers him a cigarette and the two strike up a conversation. They are then uploaded to a trailer where it is mentioned that they are both naked and they change their outfits for the photo session together, finally the three of them go to the airport where they will wait for their scheduled flight to Paris at 4 A.M.

October 31, 1985

  • There is an actress with her throat cut and many people killed on Air France, it is a total massacre. Jesse wakes up due to the screaming and fear of the people, everyone is frantic and terrified because they know there is a killer on the plane. Jesse, to make them believe that he was innocent, acts sick and vomits himself by placing two of his fingers down his throat, thus vomiting on his bloodstained clothes. He then heads to the bathroom where Colin hands him a white shirt, that's where he sees a bloody hand stain on the window pane and knows it's all Freddy's doing. Finally the plane must return to New York so that the police can question the passengers.
  • Finally the police corroborate that both consumed sleeping pills and that is why they do not arrest them since they believe them innocent. Then they both get into a taxi on the way to Colin's house, where they would later rest.

November 1, 1985

  • It is 4 am. and Jesse returns to his house in the East Village to prepare his paintings that will be exhibited that same day at the gallery. It is there that he realizes that painting number 7 Passion is Lisa Webber pregnant, he begins to think about her and reflects on the possibility that she is alive.
  • Movers take all 15 of Jesse's paintings to be displayed in Patti Smith's building.

Someday in November, 1985

  • It's the opening of the exhibition of Jesse's art and Colin's photographs The Making of an Icon for VOGUE. Jesse is in charge of signing magazines, he also sees Mark and Cher at the exhibition. At one point, Jesse's agent calls him to sign the paperwork for the succession of rights to the works, it is there that he reads that one of his buyers is Lisa Webber, thus confirming that she is alive.
  • Jesse takes a train to Princeton to meet Lisa (although she lives in New Jersey, Jesse mentions that this was Lisa's ruse). Then they both take a taxi to a restaurant and talk about what has happened in the last few months. She confesses to him absolutely everything that happened that night at the factory and tells him that he is the father of her son Jesse and that she is married to a friend from college.
  • Back home, Jesse is tired but in the hallway he can see that the actor's room was ajar, when he enters he sees the young man's body. Freddy had killed him, so Jesse took it upon himself to make the crime scene look like a former partner of the actor had murdered him. He went back to his house, cleaned up and left the studio, then burned his bloody pants in a trash can. He finally calls Lisa at a pay phone on 4th Street and tells her of her plan.
  • Jesse goes to Colin's house and tells him the whole truth, it is not known exactly what Colin thought but it is believed that he decided to break up with Jesse. Jesse returns to his house and sleeps through the afternoon and through his dreams makes Freddy an offer, he accepts and Jesse's plan begins.
  • Jesse goes to Robert Englund's house, tells him the truth about his identity and allows Freddy to leave his body to later possess Robert. Finally they both say goodbye and Freddy leaves one last scar on Jesse's lips (he thinks Freddy left it as a sign of a kiss).


Unknown, 2011

  • Jesse Walsh is at the Rock and Shock Horror convention in New York. Nobody knows him, he is sitting at the table next to Mark Patton watching how he signs autographs, at one point Mark goes to the bathroom and a fan mistakes Jesse for Mark so he asks for an autograph. Jesse clarifies that Mark will come soon, later he goes to Robert Englund's table and sees how his line of fans is immense since many want to take pictures and talk to him, they both smile and Jesse knows that it is possible that someday a policeman makes the body connections and that leads them to Robert but he knows that it will not be that day.