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"Give daddy some honey."

- Freddy mimicking what Tracy's father said to Tracy before sexually assaulting her

Tracy's Father, or Mr. Swan is a minor character in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. He is the long-dead father of Tracy Swan, who became a victim of his sexual abuse. He was portrayed by the late Peter Spellos.


Tracy’s father was a huge, strong, abnormally obese middle-aged man, who is alcoholic, sexually abusive, morally weak and authoritarian.

Role in the Film[]

Tracy's Father

Tracy's father about to abuse his daughter


It’s hinted that Mr. Swan sexual abused his daughter regularly when she was in her preteens. It's unknown how long this went. Sometime later, he died from unknown causes, leaving a young Tracy as an orphan, who was later taken to the Recovery House Youth Shelter, where she grew up bitter and violent because of her childhood trauma and had large amounts of drama buried inside her mind.

Tracy's Nightmare[]

Nightmare Father

Nightmare Daddy

As Tracy slept, she found herself in her old home in a dream and almost fell into a serious depression from the lucid experience. She found her father is home and just about when he was feeling her arm she immediately knew that it is not her father and pushed him away by hitting him in the belly several times while screaming "You're not my daddy!" "He's dead!", and proceeded to violently beat him with a coffee maker. Now with a disfigured face, he reveals himself to be Freddy Krueger and taunted her with Carlos' earpiece. Though she tried to fight him, she was unable to defeat him in the dream. Seeing no other alternative, Tracy was forced to burn her hands on a stove, allowing her to wake up from the pain.