Will Rollins

Jason Ritter as Will Rollins, Freddy vs. Jason

Will Rollins was a character in the movie Freddy vs. Jason, portrayed by actor Jason Ritter.

Freddy vs. JasonEdit

At the beginning of Freddy vs. Jason, it is revealed that Will Rollins was the love of Lori Campbell's life who just up and abandoned her one day without so much as a word of warning. Of course, as the film progresses, the circumstances of Will's absence becomes a bit more clear.

After believing he witnessed Lori's father killing her mother, Lori's father has him institutionalized at the Westin Hills facility, where he is given Hypnocil to stop his dreaming. He never has a chance to give Lori an explanation before he is sent to the hospital.

One night, before taking his medications, Will sees a report on TV show KRGR that reveals a murder at Lori's house. Thinking that Lori's father has struck again, he is desperate to get out of Westin Hills, which he succeeds in with his friend Mark.

After a confrontation with Lori's father, he escapes with Lori and gets together with their friends to try and stop Freddy and Jason once and for all. Despite being injured protecting Lori, Will manages to survive.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (2008)Edit

In this six issue comic, Will and Lori return to Camp Crystal Lake. Lori is convinced that Jason and Freddy are still alive. They learn this is true as they both run into Jason in the Crystal Lake woods and they defeat jason by the true power of love.


Brad Renfro was originally cast as Will Rollins, but had to be replaced before shooting.

Jason Ritter had tried out for the role, but he had been deemed unsuitable for the part. Brad Renfro leaving the film made the producers change their minds.

Jason Ritter is the son of late actor John Ritter.